In honor of the release of  Mary J. Blige‘s highly anticipated album, Strength of a Woman and to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the series, Spotify’s AM/PM audio series release the latest episode with a special interview and playlist from MJB herself.

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The AM/PM audio series, which centers on 24 hours in the life of some of the world’s most fascinating artists. In this celebratory 24th episode, Mary J. Blige takes listeners through her day and the music she listens to get her through – whether that’s on the treadmill, on the tour bus, or during what she would describe as a “perfect day.” She also shares stories from her childhood, her most awe-inspiring career moment and dishes on the celebrity that leaves her star-struck.

The playlists which features motivational music from Fred Hammond, party vibes from the Jackson 5 and evening vibes from Loose Ends, is an epic one to say the least. During the creative set, Mary reveals that she always kicks off her day with a little gospel music for a “spiritual start” and to ease whatever tension exists before tackling the day; then it’s off to the gym where she puts in work to all of the classics.


“I’m in the gym by 9am,” Mary said. “When I’m in the gym I listen to Slave, ‘Just A Touch Of Love’ or ‘Watching You’. Stephanie Mills ‘Put Your Body In It’, that’s my workout song, or The Jones Girls. I’m really old school. I love old school music, I guess ’cause I grew up on it. Or Disclosure‘s ‘Holding On’ – I love to be on the treadmill to ‘Holding On’”

Mary also dished on what her perfect day looks like and revealed it involves a beach, a light run, waffles for breakfast and mac and cheese for dinner, and the sweet tunes of Stevie Wonder singing ‘All I Do’.

In regards to who makes Mary feel like a fan, the Queen of Hip-Hop and Soul said Oprah is the one who secures that spot.

When Oprah came to one of my shows I was like, ‘What? She’s where?’ It makes you want to perform harder,” she says having learned Oprah was in the audience at one of her shows.

In other Mary J. Blige news, MJB went live via her Facebook page for a cause. The event, hosted by Essence Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux, gave fans the opportunity to talk to Mary via chat in an effort to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood.

During the discussion Blige opened up about Strength of a Woman and revealed that the title was actually given to the project two years ago in wake of what was going on in her life at that moment.

“I titled the album Strength of s Woman actually two years ago. The reason I called it that was because I was still married at the time and had mad horrible decisions regarding my life, and my career and I knew that I was going to make it out to the other side and that when I did it would be a testament of my strength and that’s honestly where I got the title. But now with everything going on in the news with divorce and things it seems even more appropriate now.”

Check out the AM/PM playlist and interview here and below.