Meet Xavier White, the NYC crooner most known for his dreamy approach to real life.

Equipped with delicate and commanding vocals, White is quite possibly the best of both worlds.

While relatively new to the scene, Xavier’s approach to raw story-telling and gentle delivery resembles that of an industry vet, and it’s a prime reason why the young singer-songwriter is on our radar.

Only one EP in, and Xavier White has already managed to create a buzz around himself, building a fanbase that’s contributed to well over two million streams across his digital platforms.


We recently had the chance to catch up with him and pick his brain on his winning formula. Read up below.

Growing up, what do you remember being your first real introduction to music?
Growing up I was introduced to music from my cousin Josh who was a DJ. Before I knew it, he had me singing on his sets whenever he would have BBQ’s, block parties. After a while I would start getting or be requested to be alongside him at birthday parties. It was fun! I gotta give credit to my Uncle Jay who introduced me to all sorts of different music.

How did that translate to  you pursuing it and taking it seriously?
It translated really early, I mean you know as a kid, you have dreams of being an astronaut, or being a doctor but, all that changed once my cousin introduced me to the music world, and I took it serious right of the bat. I started recording with him when I was about 14 years old, and at that time I knew this is what I wanted, so I started developing my music life.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?
I would describe my music as being very versatile, not just focusing on one particular aspect of RnB. So one song could be considered alternative, while another song could be more traditional. I may dabble in experimental RnB or Pop. I’m just into different vibes for people to interact with. I feel I have something for any vibe a listener may be feeling at the moment.

Who are your influences and how do you try to put them in your music?
Besides my family, my influences range from say Usher, Prince, and MJ. I try and incorporate a piece of each artist in my music some how, even if its just a punch line or a note they like switching up, I like using all those artist and incorporating them into my sound.

How influential has Albany, and New York in general, been in your music?
Both Albany and New York have been a strong inspiration in my music career and life. The city itself, the streets, the people, the “8 million” stories, if you’re creative, NYC can inspire, influence and mold you. It broke me and made me who I am today, and I wouldn’t want to live in any other place in the world. No place better than the concrete jungle. This place inspired all the music I make today.

What’s been your most definitive moment to date?
I would have to say, performing for a recent Cancer awareness event. It felt good to give some positive energy to people that are struggling day to day to live. To be able to provide a good time, and know I provide an escape for them, no matter how temporary, meant the world to me.

What’s next for you?
What’s next for me? My current single “Sudden Change” is available everywhere. Look out for the video, coming soon! Also looking to drop a couple more singles over the the next few months. I have a couple of surprises on deck, that I can’t share now. You’re gonna just have to wait. But, I promise it will be worth it.

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