Rihanna has won eight Grammys, two Brit awards, and earned the place of #WomanCrushEveryday in many people’s hearts. Now that RiRi is landing more and more acting roles, she’d like to have an Oscar win under her belt. The bad gal told The Sun, “I’d love to get there one day. Who doesn’t want to be told they are doing a great job?”

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Rihanna’s acting career started off in the 2012 blockbuster Battleship. Since then she has landed roles in TV’s Bates Motel, the 2018 Ocean’s Eight, did a voice over for the animated film Home, and the Summer film Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets slate to hit the big screen next month. The superstar plans to make a great effort to successfully fulfill all her current and future acting roles, and wants recognition if she does a good job.

Any validation that your work is impacting is rewarding. I work hard and put my all into everything I do but the rest isn’t up to me. I don’t think anyone makes an album thinking about winning a Grammy, or makes a movie thinking about winning an Oscar. What you do is work as hard as you can and if awards follow, then that’s great


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