Young jiggy trendsetter and AWGE boss A$AP Rocky has collaborated with London fashion market Selfridges on an exclusive collection of bodega themed goods. Creating a space based on American bodegas, a myriad of apparel items and food will be made available from October 2-11 at the Oxford Street fashion hub.

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Hosting exclusive collections from brands such as Cozy World, Marino Infantry, Lybb, Harun, Midnight Rave and A$AP Rocky x Guess, the AWGE pop up will be varied in its clothing options. Krispy Kreme donuts, gummies, lighters, notebooks, Marino Infantry pillows and blankets and stickers bearing cartoon versions of the mob will also be made available. A stylized cartoon version of A$AP Rocky decorates the Krisy Preme AWGE donuts packaging.

If you happen to be in London during the duration of the shop, reserve a time slot right here. Rocky is sure to be present at the pop up at some point during it’s time at Selfridges.