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Words by Corey Copeland

Drake’s side girl got a (iPhone) 5s with the screen cracked, she still hits him back right away. If he gifts her the new Apple iPhone X for her unwavering support—SHE BETTER NOT CRACK THIS ONE! Or at least keep that same unwavering energy.

If you already preordered your iPhone X or you are hoping to see the $1,149 dollar phone under the tree this Christmas, The Source Magazine is giving you your first warning. You may want to keep this one in flawless condition, considering it will cost you a flat rate of $279 USD for screen repairs for the top tier X model. If you plan on copping your iPhone X from your phone carrier’s local retail store, we highly recommend you respond swiftly with a, “Yes” when you are asked if you would like to register for Apple Care. The tech giant is charging $549 dollars for all other iPhone X repairs, unless the damage is covered by Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty.


As we stated earlier Apple Care is available for the X, this will cost you $199 dollars up front (U.S.customers). With Apple Care, screen repairs are $29 dollars and other damages, $99 dollars, appreciate these price breaks while you can get them. By policy, you are limited to two repairs

See below for the pricing breakdown for iPhone X repairs outside the U.S.A:

Australia: $419 for screen repairs, $819 for other damage
Canada: $359 for screen repairs, $709 for other damage
Germany: €321 for screen repairs, and €611 for other damage
United Kingdom: £286 for screen repairs, £556 for other damage
United States: $279 for screen repairs, $549 for other damage

If you didn’t buy your phone with your own funds, appreciate it and don’t break it.