The hip-hop community is still drowning amazement from Black Thought‘s historic freestyle on Funkmaster Flex‘s Hot 97 on Wednesday. With The Roots being the official house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, it was only right for the hip-hop loving show host to maneuver the elite Philly emcee to the guest chair to weigh-in on the classic moment.

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The “ Lamar meets Tupac Shakur” lyricist tells Fallon he planned on spitting for 10-15 minutes for the sake of heightening the freestyle bar on the Hot 97 show.



“I planned on doing 10-15 minutes,” says Black Thought. “Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 freestyles, it’s an iconic moment. You know, it’s super meaningful for a rapper to get that platform. And in recent weeks, recent months, I’ve been checking out videos and the bar has been set, you know, like kinda high. People go on for 6..8..9.. minutes or so.”


After making an attempt to spit a free, Fallon presents Black Thought with a lengthy piece a paper consisting the full lyrics of his 10-minute freestyle, in which, The Roots lead lyricist appeared highly appreciative of. The discussion proceeds on to the origins of his relationship with his fellow The Roots comrade, renowned percussionist and DJ Questlove and his current endeavors which involve a show on AMC, The Rap Yearbook.

And, to add on just one more minute to his standard-setting freestyle, he spits a few bars on right on spot. Watch Black Thought on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, below.