A dentist in Taiwan is probably wishing he had kept his big mouth closed after being ordered to pay his mother $1 million dollars for raising him.

According to the Daily News, Only 20 years old at the time, the mother and son reportedly signed a contract back in 97 where he agreed to pay his mom 60% of his monthly income after attaining his dentistry license. Now we have all fell victim to “promising” our caregivers that we would pay them back for everything that they have done for us, but never thought that some would actually attempt to cash out.

The mom who has been identified by her maiden name Luo said that she had spent hundreds and thousands of dollars raising her two sons following her divorce and was fearful that neither son would take care of her in her old age.

According to sources, the son who was identified by his given name, Chu argued that he should not have to be obligated to financial repayment because he was young when he signed the agreement, and he claims that had worked in his mother’s dental clinic for years following his college graduation and helped bring in more than the amount he was expected to repay her. Despite his argument, the courts ruled in his mother’s favor instead, finding the contract valid.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman said that the judged ruled in Luo’s favor because Chu was an adult at the time and following Taiwan’s civil code which states that adult children are responsible for caring for their elderly parents.  This just goes to show you that we should never make promises that we can not or do not intend to keep.