Welp. If you had plans on blazing your life away during Beyoncé‘s performance, you are certainly ill-fated. The city of California where Coachella is being held, Indio, tends to have very stern marijuana laws.

Under the festival’s rules and info section, it specifically states: NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia, Marijuana, Marijuana products. In the city of Indio, California, no one is allowed to breed, sell, or distribute marijuana. On January 1st, the legalization of marijuana use went into effect in the state of California, which give towns in Cali the power to decree the act of cannabis sales. The city of Indio is one of the cities that made the decision to cast off the act.

Regardless of their decision, the city of Indio is subject to honor state law which allows individuals to carry a meager amount of cannabis for the sake of personal use. The catch? Individuals are not allowed to smoke it in public. So, for those who wish to blaze up for the once assumed “mary jane friendly” festival, neighboring cities like Palm Springs, Cathedral City, and Desert Hot Springs all honor California’s profound marijuana laws. Plus, if you are over the age of 21, you can become a customer at one of the many marijuana dispensaries in the city.