For the past couple of weeks rapper Joey Bada$$ has been having the time of his life on tour with his crew in Asia. Unfortunately on his return flight, he experienced some turbulence. Joey had a disappointing encounter with a flight attendant, which led him to accuse American Airlines for racial discrimination on Twitter. Joey tweeted,

“So, i’m boarding this #AmericanAirlines flight walking to my first class seat. But before i get there i put my bag up (in the first class section obv) & one of the flight attendants goes “excuse me sir you can’t put your bag there that’s for our first class customers” AHAHAHA”

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He continues,

“So i show her my ticket and the whole plane just laughs at her. Stupid b***h. @AmericanAir is the best airline for racial discrimination. This is why i’m #teamdelta @Delta.”

Following Bada$$’s tweets, American Airlines responded with “Our customers should feel welcomed while traveling with us, we’re going to have someone meet you at the gate once you arrive.” But as expected Joey wasn’t buying it. He immediately responded back by calling their bluff. “Be honest you guys said this just for Twitter. Didn’t see anyone waiting to meet me when i arrived. And even if there was, trust i wasn’t interested. But thank you anyway… for nothing.”