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We’ve seen this episode before.

In 2010, LeBron James had already reached a level of basketball super-stardom. He was one of the NBA’s best players after winning back to back Most Valuable Players Awards in 2009 and 2010. He had single-handedly carrier his team to the finals in 2007 after years of being bounced out in the earlier rounds. Before the NBA’s super team era, that he began with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh later that year, most teams typically required two all-stars to compete for a championship.

The Cavaliers failed to secure any help for King James in the 2010 and LeBron would lose to the Boston Celtics, who went on to be Eastern Conference Champs, but lose the Kobe Bryant led, Los Angeles Lakers,  later in the playoffs. LeBron’s actions following the 2010 semi-finals led many to speculate that his time in “The Land” was up for the time. He took off his jersey while heading into the tunnel after the lost.


As we all know LeBron would return in 2014 and bring Cleveland its long awaited championship in 2016. Since the departure of his championship partner in crime, Kyrie Irving, the Cavs have struggled all season, both on and off the court. It has been reported that LeBron never wanted the Cavs to trade Irving, but he planned to have knee surgery and sit out the entire 2017-18 season if they did not trade him. In addition, he wanted Cleveland’s front office to acquire Paul George or Eric Bledsoe. Irving’s replacement, Isaiah Thomas, was recovering from an injury and returned on Jan. 2nd.

As Thomas slowly makes his way back, the team has simply not found its niche. Since January 1st, the Cavs are 5-9, including blowing a 21 point leading to the abysmal Orlando Magic and currently sit in 3rd place of the Eastern Conference. In his 15th season, LeBron is only after one thing, championships.

He reportedly lashed out on the Cavs executive prior to the lost to the Magic last night. The four time MVP is frustrated and has been hesitant to sign a long term deal with his home town team. As the Cavs prepare to make moves in an attempt to keep LeBron, he is willing to stay for the remainder of the season. In the past, LeBron led teams are seen having fun, going out together and enjoying each other’s company. That is not the same atmosphere this year. As the Cavs stumble upon the all-star break and trade deadline, a lot of questions loom in Cleveland. The Cavs can only hope for the best, but prepare for the worse.

They return to Cleveland to take on the T’Wolves tonight.