Midas touch actor Michael B. Jordan may be known for being the most understood villain in the Marvel Universe, but this acting veteran has played in a lot of legendary roles and breaks down his favorites while trying his hand at hot wing roulette.

On the latest episode of “Hot Ones”, Jordan breaks down his train of thought while preparing for his role as Killmonger for the worldwide Box Office smash Black Panther.

“I kinda stayed to myself, Erik [Killmonger] didn’t have any family or friends; he spent a lot of time in his own head. Walking around I didn’t feel like myself so I would see people walking trying to get out of my way a little bit or they see me coming and avert eyes so that kind of gave me even more confidence that I was falling deep into character. One thing I miss about the character is that he just didn’t give a f*ck and walked around with this nonchalant attitude and I loved it.”

In regards to his favorite track off of the Kendrick Lamar curated  Black Panther Soundtrack, Jordan reveals that “Paramedic” is definitely one of his faves.

“I have been listening to “Paramedic” a lot. Ryan [Coogler] somehow managed to collaborate with Kendrick and showed him the movie, but his voice and what he stands for right now was just a perfect fit for this movie.”

It wasn’t all film talk, Jordan also revealed he was nervous when he first met Jay-Z and how his first time performing with The Roots was solidified by Hov himself at the 2017 All-Star game.

“When I first saw Jay and Beyonce it was at the Met Gala and everyone was there, I was nervous but I knew I had to go up to him to pay him his respect for the influence he had on my life with his music and as a Black man and in business. Fast forward years later we ended up linking up again at the All-star game and it so happened to be the same time I was set to perform with the Roots, I wasn’t supposed to be rapping at first it was really supposed to be more of a spoken word but when I saw Jay was there I knew I had to come hard.”

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