The month of May is also known as Haitian heritage month. Throughout the entire month, Haitians across the United States hold events, presentations, and discussions that celebrate the culture of Haiti. Haitian Multi-Fashion Week is one among the many events that take place and is held in the South Florida every year.
This year the event took place at the Kasa Champet Restaurant and Lounge in Pembrook Pines. Rachel Louissaint is the creator of Haitian Multi-Fashion Week and she sat down with The Source to give a behind the scenes look on how the event comes together.
The Source: Miami is fast becoming the place for art and fashion. It also known for its huge Haitian population. How does Haitian Multi-Fashion Week hope to distinguish itself from other fashion shows taking place in Miami? 
Rachel: Haitian Multi Fashion Week was created to provide a platform for Haitian designers (and designers of other cultures) to showcase the unique designs of  our culture. Some of the designers have used fabric bought in Haiti and hand painted their designs on their fabric so they can depict the essence of the Haitian Culture. Portions of the proceeds from the event go towards a program we have entitled Bring It Back which provides food, clothing, medical, school supplies to people in need.
How difficult is it to put a fashion show together? 
It can be challenging especially when you put on a 3 day event but the result is very rewarding.
Who is responsible for the show? 
Rachel Entertainment Inc which was founded by Rachel Louissaint who is Miss Broward County 2005, Miss African Roots USA 2015-2017, Florida International University Golden Idol Winner 2005 and 2008, Miss Pan African of Florida International University 2004, Miss Fort Lauderdale USA 2nd runner up 2009.
The Source: What has been the reaction from the fashion and Haitian communities about the show? 
Excitement, people are proud, pleased and excited that the Haitian designers have the opportunity to show their talents. It’s like they’ve been waiting and anticipating for an event such as this. They are also proud of the beautiful Haitian models and other models in the show.
Aside from the fashion show, are there going to be panels of discussion or other activities during the event? 
Yes, there will be a presentation on the history of Haiti , spoken word poetry, performances by various musical artists.
Who are some of the fashion designers we should keep an eye out for?
Marjorie Hilaire,  Levellup Designs, Jusblaise by Sophia, Martin Nandy aka Captain Haiti.
Will the clothes be in season? Are people going to be able to buy them should they see something they like? 
Yes, the clothes will be in season. People are able to purchase designs they like and have the opportunity to speak with the designers.
Are there plans to collaborate with fashion events in Haiti and places throughout the Haitian diaspora? 
Rachel:We are definitely working towards making those collaborations.
Why is Haitian Multi-Fashion Week so important for people to attend? 
Our culture is depicted in a positive light and you get to enjoy poetry, music and fashion all in one event.
There is a Haitian Fashion Week based in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Is there any relation to that event or to the organizer? 
No, there is no relation.
Any last words you want people to know about the event?
It is important to support events that depict our culture in a positive light and educate us on our rich culture. Haitian Multi Fashion Week, Florida’s First Haitian Fashion Week aims to let the world know that we have so much beauty, creativity , elegance and talent and we are proud to be Haitian.