Model, actress, and activist Amber Rose’s charismatic approach to love and life shines through to almost all aspects of her life. She regularly goes out of her way to inspire females and to show support for sexual freedom in general. She recently got acquainted with dancehall diva Spice, and it’s been reported the two vibed immediately upon meeting.

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Recently while on the west coast, the Jamaican talent performed at Rose’s infamous Slutwalk in Los Angeles which just celebrated four years of female empowerment.

Spice recently launched the Grace Hamilton Women Empowerment Foundation and has long been a pioneer of encouraging independence and self-love and Amber Rose has been vocal about being comfortable in her own skin since coming onto the scene and emerging in the spotlight.


According to sources at her the recent event, the two fierce females got a moment to catch up, and Rose seized the opportunity to love on Spice, to thank the artist for her full-throttle approach to music, dance, and entertainment and encouraged her to leave the haters behind and to keep striving for the stars.

Whether speaking on an individual basis or mobilizing the masses, Rose has become a beacon of hope for acceptance and open-mindedness.