Robert Ri’Chard takes his talents to the big screen with Vivica Fox and Dawn Richard.

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The television and film actor stars in Kinky with Soul Food star, Fox and the former Danity Kane singer. The film follows  the story of Dr. Joyce Reynolds (Richard), a successful, yet reserved Atlanta surgeon who enjoys her secluded life as a bachelorette, until she meets a wealthy Darrin Bernard (Ri’chard). After a number of dates, the two connect romantically.

“When she goes home, she’s having dreams about the guy (Ri’chard’s character), talking to a therapist,” said Ri’chard. Joyce’s therapist convinces her to pursue the adventure.


The two begin to take their sex life a step above the normalities of the bedroom. They explore S&M sex and the submissive aspects of the lifestlye.”This man is the one that unlocked Pandora’s Box, in this women who’s highly reserved,” says Ri’chard. “And there lies the title.

Kinky can be highly compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, but is inspired by Nine and a Half Weeks, starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger.

Ri’chard, 35, feels that women find attraction in a man who is intentional about what he wants. His character, Darrin Bernard, certainly is honest with his intentions. Kinky is the perfect weekend film, for a couples night out.

For couples who are shy, Kinky has something in store for you.

When you get your film tickets, be sure to take a picture and hashtag #fantasychallenge on Instagram. In that moment, Ri’chard will facetime you on IG, and you can introduce your kinky act to your partner. He will then flip his medallion and if it lands face up, your partner must honor the request. Sounds like a fun start to a Friday night.

Kinky premieres in theatres, Oct. 12. Be sure to cop your tickets for a chance to facetime with Robert Ri’chard himself.

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