The day Nipsey Hussle was murdered, two other people got hit in the shooting.

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One victim didn’t suffer any critical injuries, meanwhile, 56-year-old Kerry Lathan was arrested after being hospitalized for allegedly violating his parole. Lathan was released a couple months about after serving 24 years of a 25 year to life sentence for murder. Part of his parole conditions is not to affiliate with any known gang members, and because Nip was a member of the Rolling 60’s Crips, Lathan returned to jail. “Tell me what’s happening? Y’all released me, and now you want to put me back into prison for coming in contact with a gang member, who’s really a voice of reason for the public. Which is it?” Lathan said in a recent interview, while sitting in a wheelchair, claiming his arrest is completely unjust.

He claims that he never had any connections to the rapper prior to the shooting. When the Victory Lap rapper learned Lathan was recently released from prison, he hooked him up with some more clothes from The Marathon store. That’s when Eric Holder came to the parking lot and opened fire.


Lathan recounts the moments leading up to the shooting in the interview below:

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