Sixmau, also known as Kamau Haroon, the artist who created the cover art for J. Cole’s KOD album is putting the rapper on blast. The artist claims Cole lied to the artist by saying his work would only be used for the album but then he used the artwork for tour merchandise and profited while Sixmau didn’t get a penny.

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“I did all of the creative direction for the KOD album cover and he told me my work was only going to be used for booklet art. Only to turn around and make merchandise illegally with my art behind my back and profit majorly off it while on tour. Fuck them.”

He then goes on to say that J. Cole, real name Jermaine Cole, uses his message of positivity to take advantage of people.


“This is exactly how he is able to exploit people. His message of positivity makes them feel comfortable while he finesses the money behind they back.”

At this time J. Cole has not responded to the allegations. In an interview with Billboard about what keeps him from sharing his opinion on Twitter, the rapper says, “If I’m in a conversation with somebody and it’s natural and it’s organic, I’m going to speak freely. But rarely do I feel the need to hop on Twitter or social media and chime in, especially on rap and music shit. This shit is not real. This shit is fucking fake. This shit is high school. This shit is fucking celebrity worship. In college, we had this running joke that all our meetings of the Black Student Union — that I ended up becoming president of, but I was just a member my freshman and sophomore years — always eventually ended up talking about Jay-Z No matter what black topic, social issue or community shit we was talking about, somebody brought up fucking Jay-Z. It never failed.”