Remy Ma was nominated for Best Female Rapper during this year’s BET Awards, but unfortunately she was unable to make it due to court-ordered reasons.

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“I currently have about 42 days of parole supervision left and one person, not my parole officer but someone who I do not even understand why they are involved in my parole supervision, is denying my travel to California to work,” she said. “Mind you, when I got out of prison almost five years ago, one of the main stipulations is that you have to maintain employment,” Remy continued before expressing that she’s trying to stick to the rules although the parole department clearly doesn’t have her best interest.

Remy Ma was released from prison in 2014 after serving six years for intentional assault in connection to a shooting. While she was locked up, the Bronx rapper revealed that Love and Hip Hop’s Shay Johnson wrote her a letter while she was incarcerated.


“I didn’t know @iamshayjohnson from nowhere,” Remy shared on Instagram. “Yet, when I was going thru one of the darkest times of my life she sent me the most heartfelt letter that shined a little sunshine into that dark, dirty cell. When I met her she was so regular- all like, ‘heyyy it’s so nice to meet you’ I was like ‘Nooo, give me a hug and thank you for that letter you wrote me & the pics u sent when I was in prison; I will never EVER forget that and you will for always have a place in my heart’ I truly mean that.”