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A$AP Rocky’s Sweden nightmare is finally over but President Donald Trump’s allies would’ve like the Harlem rapper to show more gratitude for his intervention.

Yahoo News reports that Darrell Scott, an Ohio pastor, and Kareem Lanier, who runs Scott’s non-profit organization, claims Rocky didn’t thank them or the White House for trying to get involved in the case.

Scott and Lanier reportedly facilitated the President’s involvement with his lawyer, Damien Granderson, and manager, John Ehmann, with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s nod. They allegedly had a verbal agreement that Rocky would thank the White House for assistance.

However, the Swedish government confirmed that not even the President of the United States himself can influence the outcome of the case, which Flacko was ultimately found guilty for.


“I was like, man, you ungrateful muthafuckas, you. I can’t believe you. … We didn’t ask you guys for nothing other than for you guys to be grateful,” Lanier said he told him. “We just want you guys to be appreciative and say thank you.”

After A$AP Rocky’s release on August 2nd and guilty verdict, he thanked his fans and everyone who supported him on social media, but he didn’t specifically name Trump. He’s presumably big mad after his tweets made rounds on social media and this would’ve been a good PR stunt for his upcoming Presidential campaign.

“All he had to do was do a two-minute call to say thank you,” said Scott. “Rocky hasn’t even called us and said, ‘Hey, man, thank you guys. I appreciate it,’ in private. Just in private.”

Should Rocky have said thank you or should the people who intervened not be so pressed about credit and be happy that they did right by a fellow American?