Sometimes we honestly feel like the world doesn’t deserve Keke Palmer. From her amazing skills as an singer/actress to that exuberant personality on social media, the former Scream Queens sensation is one of our favorite HERSource heroines! Not only is she talented, but she’s hilarious to say the least — Keke will basically have you cracking up without even trying. The most perfect example of that is her recent interview with Vanity Fair that has since gone viral, created a meme and is now a timely merch drop.

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So here’s some context: Keke, currently on a promo run for her new film Hustlers, sat with Vanity Fair for an actual lie detector test interview where she was asked if former Vice President Dick Cheney was better at his job than her beloved titular character from the hit Nickelodeon series True Jackson, VP. Here’s what she had to say in full:

“Who the hell is — ooh, y’all are really testing me on some stuff that I…I hate to say it, I hope I don’t sound ridiculous, but I don’t know who this man is. I mean, he could be walking down the street, and I wouldn’t know a thing. Sorry to this man..”

— Keke Palmer, ‘Vanity Fair’

Those last four words have since become an Internet sensation, very much in the vain of “And I, OOP!” From casual followers to her big name co-star Cardi B, the masses are falling in love with Keke all over again for yet another example of her infectious and jovial persona. Of course, all smart business people would take advantage of the situation, and our girl is doing just that with a set of tees, hoodies and a cap that utilize the “Sorry to this man” line in bold letters and a picture of Keke from the interview itself. BUT THE GAG IS — it’s actually a pretty dope merch idea!

Pick up your own “Sorry to this man” merch by Keke Palmer right now in her web store. T-Shirts are $30 USD, the hats are $25 USD and the hoodie will run you $55 USD. More pics of all three options and colorways below: