Cyntoia Brown-Long never thought she’d see the light of day after being sentenced to life in prison as a teen. After her case went viral and she received advocacy from numerous A-list celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, a miracle happened for Cyntoia: She was granted clemency!

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In a Q&A in NYC last week, the former inmate turned sex trafficking advocate opened up about how she was mentally imprisoned before being physically imprisoned. “I just want to let you know before I was physically in prison, I was bound up in prisons in shame, prisons in anger, prisons in feeling like I had to do things to be accepted by other people. God saved me from that. There is freedom in Jesus. When I live for him and to be accepted by him, I have to do absolutely nothing. Just be myself.”

She also detailed how she met her husband and credits him for bringing her closer to God.


So it was just a matter of time before Cyntoia Brown-Long was going to start her family with her husband Jamie Long. She posted a picture of them dressed in all white as he braced her presumed baby bump.

She didn’t give much details but just left the heart eyes emoji. She didn’t appear to be with child at The Riverside Church when Two Bees Entertainment covered the NYC stop of her book tour, but a woman’s body goes through amazing changes.

Congratulations to the parents to-be.