Kevin Gates’ wife, Dreka Gates, just recently announced her decision to remove her breast implants. Having gotten the implants back in 2017,  Dreka expressed that after losing 15 pounds she also lost a lot of volume in her breasts and to get that volume back she decided on implants. Unfortunately, the implants negatively affected her health. 

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Dreka explained that her estrogen levels were unreasonably high causing her hair to thin out a lot and her skin to break out over and over again. Even after eating extremely clean and working out regularly it was brought to Dreka’s attention that the implants were the reason her health was not improving. The toxins in the foreign objects inside her chest was the reason behind her health decline. 

Dreka took to Instagram to document and share her breast implant removal journey alongside her doctor, Justin Yovino. Dreka is not the first celebrity to be upfront about her removal process. Back in 2018, K. Michelle was very honest about removing her butt implants because of how much they negatively affected her health so much so that she had to be tested for Lupus due to all the aches and pain her butt implants were causing her. But Dreka is, in fact, the first celebrity to record and share videos of the step by step process with fans in hopes that this will help someone to make the right decision on whether or not implants are for them.