Last month, CNN reported that Kim Jong Un was reportedly in “grave danger” following a heart surgery he recently underwent. For the last week, there have been rumors about his disappearance and potential death. However, on Friday (May 1), a North Korean state media report stated that Kim Jong Un is alive and made his first public appearance in weeks.

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According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance celebrating the opening of a fertilizer factory near the country’s capital of Pyongyang.

According to the report put out by the KCNA, Kim Jong Un said this at the factory’s opening.


“When the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant goes into operation, it will represent a historical development in our country’s fertilizer industry, it will be a glorious revolution and a splendid display of our nation’s great economic potential, and it will be an uplifting banner that assures us of the achievements of our country’s general economic frontline.”

These are supposedly pictures of the event that took place.

However, this news could not be verified by national news outlets such as CNN, the Associated Press, or Reuters.