It appears our worst nightmares regarding the nationwide Coronavirus crisis are coming true right before our eyes. And there is little we can do. 

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Data this week shows that not only is the crisis deepening but also growing more deadly; As the country’s three biggest states — California, Florida, and Texas have reported their largest single-day death tolls since the pandemic began. 

It is insane to imagine that there are now 41 states that are reporting increases in average new cases compared to just two weeks ago.


So far to date, there have been more than three million cases of people that have been infected by the virus across the country, with nearly 133,000 people have died nationwide.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is at the time the country’s top infectious disease expert, said he believes the country’s hardest-hit states should halt plans to reopen. A move that seems like the right one to make. 

We have seen constant increases in California. Where 149 deaths were reported on Wednesday. Making it the highest single-day number since the pandemic began. Numbers that I’m not too sure people truly understand. 

“For those that just think, now people are getting it, no one’s dying, that is very misleading,” Governor Gavin Newsom said at his briefing Thursday. 

The great state of Texas has more than 220,000 total reported cases, with a new record high of 98 deaths being reported on Wednesday as new cases continue to soar throughout the state. Sadly, the Latino community has been hit the hardest, accounting for nearly 29% of deaths in the state.  

Officials decided to bring in “Strike force” nurses, who worked the virus surge in New York for the past few months, as numbers continue to climb at an alarming rate of nearly 10,000 cases a day. 

Meanwhile in Florida, Disney has reopened it’s parks and attraction as numbers continue to grow and impact residents. Park-goers who have season passes are allowed first access. Even with the county where Disney is located seeing a 130% increase in coronavirus infections in the last 14 days. General admission will open this Saturday. 

It seems some share the sentiment that reopening wasn’t the greatest idea. As Dr. Terry Adirim, a physician and dean at Florida Atlantic University said he was concerned to see the theme park reopen. “I think it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire,” Adirim told CBS News. “I don’t think it’s going to help us drive down our case rates. I think it’s going to do the opposite.”

Citizens haven’t really gotten much clear info from its Governor, who seems to be lost in the sauce when it comes to keeping residents safe. A Governor who seems to say whatever he needs to on a daily basis to keep his personal narrative going. “There is no need to be panicked and there is no need to be fearful,” he said.

We will continue to watch this process an insure information gets out as soon as it is available. And as some of America’s biggest attractions continue to reopen, PLEASE STAY SAFE!