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The real Gotham City aka New York City, the home of the largest cannabis consumption population in the entire world has two special heros who are doing something interesting with one of NYC’s staples; Pizza.

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Pizza Pusha, a Brooklyn native, started his journey in 2015 to create pizzas that cannabis conneseurs and medical marijuana patients can enjoy. It’s been a long road to being stoned, as Pizza Pusha has placed his mark in NYC pizza history and has even traveled across the country to Cali to introduce his Stoned NYC brand to the Left Coasters. Along with 50 Cent’s comedic connect in the blogosphere Jack Thriller, Pizza Pusha and Stoned NYC have taken the pole position in the 420 infused food industry and continue to blaze new trails with the underground flagship location, where several private, celebrity-saturated parties have been held. 


But what goes on at Stoned, stays at Stoned. 


When asked why wouldn’t any other pizza biz be able to duplicate what Stoned has created and Pusha replies, “They probably will come, but I’m going to have a mad head start on them already. I know people are coming, but they’re just scared right now and I’m taking the risks,” he contends. The 46 year old Brooklynite continues, “I’m up to 50, 000 customers already. I don’t think people will order from me for years and then Joe Schmo is gonna come along with $.99 pizza, put oil on it and take my customers. Plus, we sell more than just pizzas. Not every place sells gelato. Places that do sell ice cream, is something that they buy wholesale from someone else. We make our own. And not every pizzeria is into cannabis.”

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