Rihanna recently released her Fenty Skin line and she made sure that the skincare line was inclusive to all genders.

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“Men love their skin, and they take care of it, but they feel obligated almost to only use products that are for men because anything beyond that feels too feminine, it’s not for them, they’re not allowed, they don’t have permission,” Rihanna said. “We enjoy men that take care of their skin, because it says a lot about how they’ll take care of themselves and the people around them.”

During a virtual interview with GQ, Riri spoke to A$AP Rocky about his self-care routine, his favorite curse word, and they reminisced about their red carpet looks.


One of the highlights of the interview is when the beauty mogul jokingly criticized Rocky’s first red carpet outfit.

“Oh my god,” Rihanna said while showing the picture on the computer screen from her phone. “You don’t have to point out Hermes and Raf, this is you!? Stop trying to make it sound dope! This is you? You could have used some Fenty Skin back then.” 

It was a very playful conversation, and A$AP Rocky got into his own skincare routine. “I had to discover face cleansing and skin care all at the same time when I was a young buck in the shower,” Rocky said of his skincare origins. “You can’t wash your body with the same rag you wash your face with. I was lucky enough to be the type of guy that wants to wash my face.”