After a preview of the CBS This Morning interview with Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend had been released yesterday, the full, exclusive sit down with Gayle King is now available to the public. Kenneth Walker describes the deadly scene with certainty and tells the world that she was more than a hashtag; she was his best friend.

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On March 13, the Louisville Metro Police executed a no-knock warrant search in order to burst into her apartment, firing 32 shots at the 26-year-old EMT worker and her 27-year-old live-in boyfriend. Walker fired back at the officers once they kicked in the door and Walker is adamant that they never identified themselves as police officers.

“If it was the police at the door and they just said, ‘We’re the police,” me or Breonna didn’t have a reason at all not to open the door to see what they wanted,” Walker said.


Police charged him with attempted murder of a police officer, but the charges were eventually dropped. Walker said he found out Breonna Taylor was dead while in his jail cell.