Hip hop has become a dangerous place in recent times. Take a quick scroll on Instagram and you’ll see the latest victim of violence from rap beef. The South as of lately has become a war zone and it seems no peaceful resolution is anywhere in sight. Enter Kidricc James. Imagine Gucci Mane dropping Kendrick Lamar type bars while still speaking for the trap (hell of a description right?) and you get an idea of what to expect from Kidricc’s music.

Even with the panty dropping vocal styling of Raheem DeVaughn, the words to the hook “When I’m rapping over beats/ I do it for the streets/ the single mother struggling trying to make ends meet/ the brother hustling hard to get his family food to eat/ a gangstafied priest/ every time I speak” let you know you’re taking a trip to the hood, but a different type of trip.

While effortlessly delivering a syllable for syllable rhyme scheme that would impress any die hard Eminem or Tech N9ne fan, Kidricc absolutely murders the track with the flair of a sweating Southern Baptist preacher that just so happens to have a glock on his waist under the robe and takes a sip of lean in between words.


Add a solid appearance from Southern wordsmith Big K.R.I.T. to the equation and you have the perfect recipe for a classic. Driven by the trunk rattling production of OG Bow$er, you can’t help but turn this song up and sing along to the infectious hook as you relate to the lyrics. The collab has a message without being preachy, and still manages to make you crank the volume up a notch while you roll the windows down to let out the smoke. Tabernacle. Sanctuary. Chuuch.