It looks like the ’70s are making a comeback and we are here for every curl, hair flip, and weave toss. Ciara recently turned to Instagram to show us her newest hair look. Flipping (no pun intended) this nostalgic style and bringing it full circle with a 2021 update.  Brief history lesson-The hair flip has been around for decades and even though most attribute it to Farrah Fawcett this was a signature look for icons like Donna Summer, Diana Ross, and Chaka Khan.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock and missed the TikTok Fawcett hair flips done by everyone from Lizzo to Arianna Grande then naturally you would think that Mrs. Wilson was presenting her newest DIY at home funday pandemic hair but this stunner was created by her longtime hairstylist Kiyah Wright . No, most of us can’t turn to our glam squad when we want to create an Instagram-worthy look so here’s a cheat sheet on getting it DIY right at home every time.   Instead of lots of volume at the crown of your head, this version features sleek, pin-straight hair with the ends curled up into a sharp C shape. Be sure to keep the following tools in your arsenal-curling iron, a round roller brush, and some heavy-duty neck action-the hair flip is the best part in our opinion, and the key to taking the look to the next level..  If you get real confident show em what you working on and ‘Whip Your Hair Back and Forth.’ on social just for fun.