We’ve all been there before. Sending that DM to someone to check and see what’s really going on when you need the facts. Slut Walk creator, Amber Rose recently went through that experience, after she sent a DM to a woman who her boo, Alexander “AE” Edwards, had blocked on Instagram. In the words of Cardi B … Amber wanted to know, what was the reason?

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However in the midst of Amber asking for the facts, the woman shared the screenshots of the conversation on her social media, exposing Amber’s curiosity. The series of messages starts off when Amber realizes that a DM the woman had sent, disappeared.

“I know you talked to Alex before,” Amber stated. “I’m not trippin babe. I didn’t recognize you by your profile picture until you opened up your page.”


“I was being nosy and looked through his blocked list on his phone. You came up,” Amber continued. “Then I found ur page and saw that you sent me a message. Didn’t know if you were trying to tell me something?”

“I don’t understand why ur blocked. You can be honest,” Amber added. The woman, clearly annoyed by Amber’s questions responded and said, “If I had something to tell you, I would’ve told you before you sent me the 21 messages, followed and unfollowed me.”

Amber explained that she only followed the woman because she assumed the woman wouldn’t be able to write her back if she didn’t. Amber then asked the woman, “why are you mad at me?” sensing the tone in her response.

“I’m not mad, I just feel like you’re doing the most when he’s irrelevant to me,” the woman responded.

The woman continued to have an exchange of words, where she explained that she didn’t talk to Amber’s man while the two are together. However, it seems as though Rose has deleted her messages sent to the woman, as you can see in the screenshots below.

Is it off-limits to do woman-to-woman check-ins? Check out the entire exchange here.