In an interview a couple of weeks ago, legendary R&B artist, Tank, went on record to say that Chris Brown was more talented than Michael Jackson. Even though Mike passed almost 13 years ago, his fan base remains strong and any comparison of any sort will not be accepted. Social media erupted, slamming the take, and then Joe Budden got into the mix, agreeing with Tank’s take.

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In a new interview with Big Boy for Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Chris Brown spoke about his new album and addressed the comparisons between him and Michael Jackson.

“You’ve always given it to Michael Jackson. But now you’re getting people where they say man Chris is better than [him],” Big Boy said to Chris Brown. Breezy responded, saying that is “cap.”


Big Boy then asked Brown how he handles the comparisons between him and MJ. Brown says that he simply stays out of the conversation, and gave the King Of Pop his flowers, saying he would not be breathing if it weren’t for Mike.

“I stay the hell up out of it… I kind of back off it. My personal take on it is I wouldn’t even be breathing or even being able to sing a song if that man didn’t exist. So I don’t know if they look at it as the Jordan/Kobe thing but I can’t even look at it—[Jackson’s] light years ahead.”

“There is no competing with him,” Brown added. “I got shrines of this man hanging up in my house. Hell naw, I ain’t better than Michael Jackson.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Breezy said that he recorded 250 songs for his upcoming album, and eventually narrowed it down to just 23. “It’s crazy in the album process because let’s just say I put out an album like the Indigo album. While I was about to put that out, I was already recording songs and doing stuff for the next one. But I be having so many songs, I think for this actual project I had almost 250 songs. I was like, ‘Yeah, we gotta scale this down and figure out what to do!’”

Brown’s 10th studio album, Breezy, drops this Friday, June 24.