Bobby Shmurda knows firsthand how prosecutors will use lyrics against a hip-hop artist in court, and he wants other rappers to be mindful of their lyrics, even with the passing of the “Rap Music On Trial” bill.

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In a new interview with HotNewHipHop Shmurda told rappers they should be cautious of what they say on a track even with the new bill passing in New York that limits prosecutors’ ability to use rap lyrics against the defendant. Despite the bill passing, Shmurda is apprehensive that it will actually stop prosecutors from using lyrics against artists.

“Kay Flock, and a lot of rappers are getting locked up right now. So again, they get accused. They getting accused of these things. Accused! Accusations, you know what I’m saying? Theories. Gotta make sure you keep that word, key word,” he said.


“Now listen, just because they passed the f*cking law guys, do not go on the f*cking record talking about you just shot Johnny in his face. Please guys, please guys. Do not go saying some dumb sh*t. But you can express yourself. Express stories better. But don’t do not do anything like, ‘I just shot Johnny in his face.’ Like, what the f*ck, bro? Be mindful still, I feel. Still, be mindful.”

During an interview with TMZ in May, Shmurda told the outlet that he was “grateful” for the bills passing, saying “When they say rap can be used against you, it limits your art because sometimes people just wanna be free.” He then asked when Georgia would implement a similar law, as this was around the same time Young Thug, Gunna, and other YSL members were arrested on R.I.C.O charges and having lyrics used against them.