Words by: Brandon Simmons

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Last week in South Fulton, Georgia, a 17-year-old boy was a victim of a shooting that put him in the ICU.  This is just another instance of the ongoing gun culture amongst the youth in South Fulton.  Leaders of the community are still trying to find a solution to this devastating issue.  The Mayor of South Fulton is combining with important figures to help the youth get on the right path.  One important person that is looking to help is rapper Young Dro, who is a resident of South Fulton.

In a statement with Fox 5 in Atlanta, the “We In Da City” rapper states he wants the kids to be able to communicate with the older generation.


“Its solutions involved in the conversation, and I do want to give the kids a chance to speak to us, being the OG’s and the big homies, and I feel like we should give them a voice.”

– Young Dro

There have been a lot of incidents in the South Fulton area as of late.  After the 17-year-old boy was shot taking out the trash at his apartment, another teen, 13-year-old Deshon Dubose, was shot and killed near Cascade Skating Rink.  Mayor Khalid believes that getting young people jobs can help the problems in South Fulton.

“We’re going to have an opportunity fair where a lot of local nonprofits and jobs that are hiring young people will be here.”

On Jan. 26th, there will be a town hall meeting regarding youth gun violence.  Young Dro will be present and is set to perform a new song dedicated to the people who have lost their lives due to gun violence.  Just last year, fellow Atlanta rappers Trouble and Takeoff lost their lives at the hands of gun violence.

In an interview with Vlad TV, since Takeoff’s death, the former Grand Hustle artist feels the need to step up in his community to battle gun violence and drug addiction.  He will tackle issues such as these and more on his upcoming project with Zaytoven.  His most recent project, D.P.W.H., was released in February of last year.