On this date at the turn of the millennium, Brooklyn-based revolutionary duo dead prez released their conceptually advanced Let’s Get Free LP on Loud Records.

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Founded in the late 90s by Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar, stic and M1 changed the perception of conscious rap, touching on pragmatic socio-political issues in their content without sacrificing the lyrical prowess of genuine emcees. With production exclusively by Lord Jamar and stic, Let’s Get Free gives an unprecedented viewpoint of the Black experience in modern times with a twist of revolutionary get back. Tracks like “They Schools”, “Psychology” and “Behind Enemy Lines” address the social ills of today, while songs like “Mind Sex”, “Be Healthy” and “Discipline” use pragmatic approaches in an attempt to curb common negative connotations in the hood.

Both commercially and critically successful, Let’s Get Free is a two decade old reminder of the innate purpose of Hip shop culture; to enlighten, empower and uplift. Salute to stic, M-1 and the rest of the RBG crew for giving us such an important part of Hip Hop history!


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