Chicago-born and Milwaukee-raised, June off 35th has emerged as a rising star in the world of rap music. With a childhood spent splitting time between these two vibrant cities, he found solace and inspiration during his summers in Rockford, IL, where his family primarily resided. Growing up on the Northside of Milwaukee, June off 35th admittedly got into his fair share of trouble as a young child. However, he managed to navigate those challenges and pursue his dreams.

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Even from a young age, June off 35th was drawn to the art of rap. In fact, he believes he was rapping before he even started talking. His early ventures into rap included performances at his 5th-grade graduation and engaging in freestyle battles at bus stops and lunchrooms. As he got older, he found himself performing at open mics and tournaments, honing his skills and embracing his passion for rap.

While pursuing his Electrical Engineering degree at Marquette University, June off 35th managed to maintain his love for music. After college, although he worked in corporate America, he never let go of his dream of becoming a successful rapper. He rapped whenever he could, grabbing every opportunity to showcase his talent and refine his craft.


Proudly presenting his debut album, June off 35th collaborated with JIGG GIMMEME on “June & Jigg Off 35th.” It’s a project that he’s proud of from recording the music and selecting beats to getting the artwork done and shooting the accompanying videos. June off 35th also followed that up by dropping a single and music video for “BAD GUY” not too long ago as well.

June off 35th has an upcoming project, “J35 Vol. 1,” set to release on June 1st. It will look to offer a glimpse into his versatility and ability to cover a wide range of styles and beats. Described as a warm-up round, the project will be a teaser for cleaning out his vault of explosive creativity yet to come.