Tis’ the season of prom dress giveaways, shoes and tuxedos for high school students, moving on to College, but Miami Philanthropist and Billionaire, Patrick Carroll had another idea.

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On June 8th, the well-known philanthropist gifted truckloads of trendy sneakers to the kids at Madison Garden Boys & Girls Club in New York.  It’s the 4th city in his quest to donate a Million Dollars worth of sneakers to underprivileged kids across the US. 

Carroll says, “There’s no better feeling than seeing the kid’s faces filled with excitement when they get a new pair of really cool sneakers. They’re surprised and so happy at the same time. I don’t know of a more genuine and fulfilling experience than I could imagine. 


As cliche as it sounds, the message I give the kids is, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.” I am far from your typical success story. I got in some trouble growing up, didn’t go to college, and I’m basically self-taught. I think, especially these days, it’s important for the kids to understand the message, “Work hard for your dreams and you too can live the American dream.”

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This past Friday, Patrick teamed up with celebrity sneaker aficionado Ben Kickz aka “The Sneaker Don” to bring a Brink truck filled with 600 pairs of cool, high-end sneakers to give to the youth members at the Madison Square Boys + Girls Club in Harlem. Harlem youth, isn’t the only beneficiaries of Carroll’s kind hearted spirit. This giveaway is Nationwide and is the 4th city that the real-estate mogul has visited to fulfill his initiative.

The Boys + Girls Club were not only filled with kids and kicks, there was pizza from Papa Johns to fill the bellies of everyone in the room, games and a guest juggler to add to the fun. Along with Patrick he brought some celebrity guests along to help the staff pass out the merch. Some of the guests include, Dean “Mojo” Muhtadi, Celebrity Attorney Duncan Levin, Celebrity Tattooist Spyder + Wife Desiree (Black Ink), Peggy Zabakolas (Selling The Hamptons), Jon Gosselin + Bo Deitl.  

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Boys + Girls Kids, Spyder + Ben Kickz

Patrick was inspired to begin his mission because of his history with The Boys + Girls Club as a child, relying on their facilities to play basketball. Now that he is on the board of the organization and has hit a few cities with his campaign he says, “Knowing firsthand how aspirational having the right pair of sneakers can be to a kid in need, it’s incredible to see the looks of these kids’ faces when we pull up in that truck.” Keep an eye out for Patrick, you never know what city he’ll be visiting next.

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