Model Jessica White claims to have been in an on-again off-again relationship with Nick Cannon for nearly a decade. We first saw them publicly in 2015 grocery shopping right ahead of his divorce from ‘the voice’ Mariah Carey. Now the Victoria’s Secret model is reaching out to her longtime lover via Instagram after he stopped communicating with her for making their relationship her storyline on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

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Jessica wrote:

Tried to reach out to you but here’s my book @nickcannon I know you’re upset about the show but after eight years I can’t stand when things catch you off guard and I feel like you deserve way more respect as a man even though I may be more respectful than you ever gave me With public announcements. . Lol I have loved and I gave eight ride or die years to you With my head high and heart praying you’d see me the way I deserved. I wanted it to work, prayed every day that you’d see me and love me the way that I loved you. Maybe you did but just kept it from me during the relationship. I walked away with more questions than anything, I don’t know till this day really why current things had to happen. I wanted the world to know I didn’t always feel good like Nc was proud to have me as a partner and I’m so happy I can say that now and still know how awesome I am. I’m proud I can say the truth and how I’m healthy emotionally and wouldn’t change my insane insecurities that I prayed off my life. I had many hurts and pain way before nick. I never felt love that was safe even as a kid so no nick you didn’t cause that pain I had it long before us but I put it off on you unfairly without seeing that my healing needed to be deeper past us. I mean you added to it but my fear of not being loved wasn’t broken by you I’d like to publicly say that. I felt like you always put the other women on a pedestal and i was beyond unstable about that. I have to say these things because I’m going to move on from public shame tht has been over my life since I was at the top of my game in fashion. I know the truth now about just how much healing I needed and God has taken my hurt I’m not ashamed by being beautiful and successful and not being loved with care throughout my life because theres big big love coming to me that will fill up my memories with joy. God will get the glory out of my broken past not shame nor sadness. the truth is NC and I were both beautifully broken when we were children and didn’t know how to love each other. Instead we hurt each other.


Watch Jessica speak on her relationship wit Nick around the 07:00 mark.

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