Veteran actor Omar Epps just added another title to his repertoire. Epps, who is attached to so many of our childhood memories, recently added author to his resume. He was live on “Good Morning America” today as he spoke with co-anchor Michael Strahan about his new sci-fi book “Nubia: The Reckoning.”

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Of the second installment in the “Nubia” series, Epps said, “It’s really about inclusion in an organic way. I try to have characters that represent the world in the way that it looks–and people that haven’t been seen and heard […] are [also] felt.”

Epps shared that he envisions the “Nubia” series as a trilogy, with ideas for also taking the series to the screen, including film, television, animation and beyond. He said, “In a sense, I’ve created a universe here, and I want to be able to tell as many stories as I can within it.”


Watch the video below.

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