Rapper Jeezy has taken another step in the ongoing divorce proceedings with TV personality Jeannie Mai, filing a motion to enforce the prenuptial agreement that the couple signed just a day before their wedding in March 2021.

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The divorce saga, which began when Jeezy filed for divorce in September after two years of marriage and one child together, has seen both parties disagreeing in discussions over the terms of their split.

In the recent legal move, Jeezy has requested the judge to incorporate all the terms and provisions of the prenup into the final judgment of divorce. The rapper outlined the details of the prenuptial agreement and argued that it meets the necessary requirements for enforcement under the Scherer test, a three-prong test commonly used to determine the validity of such agreements.


According to the Scherer test, the court assesses whether the agreement was obtained through fraud, duress, or mistake, whether it is unconscionable, and if the facts and circumstances have changed to make its enforcement unfair and unreasonable.

In the legal documents, Jeezy asserted that both parties were capable of understanding the terms of the agreement and were represented by independent counsel during negotiations. He emphasized that they cohabited for a year before marriage, during which they disclosed all relevant financial information.

Addressing Jeannie Mai’s claim that the prenuptial agreement is unconscionable, Jeezy argued that the existing wealth disparity between the parties at the time of the agreement does not render it unconscionable. He stressed that both parties were fully aware of the financial arrangements and willingly entered into the agreement.

Jeezy maintains that the prenuptial agreement reflects a mutual understanding between the two public figures and is not tainted by fraud, duress, or unfair circumstances. As the legal proceedings unfold, the focus remains on the enforcement of the prenup and the division of assets in line with its stipulations.