In a bold departure from the traditional Fashion Week schedule, Darucci Leathers & Furs closed out NYFW ’24 with a spectacular showcase that left attendees in awe. Held in a secret location, the exclusive event was a testament to the brand’s commitment to redefining luxury in the fashion world.

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The evening was magnified by the presence of notable influencers, actors, and industry moguls who gathered to celebrate Darucci’s latest collection. From Daniel Jean, Ms. Emmanuel, Peter Gunz, celebrity publicist Lynn Hobson, celebrity Realtor Jiton Greene, actress Katherine K. Nunez, and actor Tyler Lepley, the event boasted a diverse mix of talents and personalities.

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As the runway came to life, models including Tahiry Jose, The Graham Brothers Paul, Peter and Ty and blogger itsBizkit captivated the audience with their confidence and poise, showcasing Darucci’s latest offerings with unparalleled elegance. The collection, featuring a breathtaking array of coats and furs, highlighted the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to luxury.

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Front row, music and business mogul 50 Cent watched intently, his presence serving as a testament to the event’s significance in both the fashion and entertainment spheres. His endorsement underscored Darucci’s position as a leader in the luxury fashion industry.

“We had an amazing turnout and time,” reports Brandon Alexander, Darucci’s Marketing Director. His words echoed the sentiment of the evening, reflecting the collective effort that made the event a resounding success.

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The choice of a secret location, coupled with the decision to showcase the collection a week after the main Fashion Week festivities, further emphasized Darucci’s commitment to creating an exclusive and unforgettable experience for attendees.

With the support of prominent figures from various sectors and a successful turnout, Darucci Leathers & Furs has set a new benchmark for what a fashion show can be outside the conventional schedule. As the fashion world eagerly anticipates what’s next, Darucci has firmly established itself as a brand that exceeds expectations and continues to push the boundaries of luxury fashion.

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Photos By: Hector Hernandez

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