Neo-soul icon Erykah Badu, known for her soulful tunes and distinctive style, sparked controversy last month when she accused Beyoncé of mirroring her aesthetic. However, this week, Badu took to social media to extend her congratulations to Queen Bey for her monumental achievement of breaking Amazon streaming records with the release of her Cowboy Carter album.

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The unexpected turn of events began when Erykah Badu known for her artistic originality, made waves online with her claims of Beyoncé’s aesthetic emulation. However, in a surprising gesture of support, Badu publicly acknowledged Beyoncé’s record-breaking success on Amazon’s streaming platform.

On social media platforms, Erykah Badu reshared Beyoncé’s remarkable accomplishment with a succinct yet powerful caption: “GET EM’.” This message, while brief, conveyed Badu’s recognition of Beyoncé’s achievement and signaled a departure from the recent controversy surrounding their respective artistic styles.


Despite the previous tensions between Badu and Beyoncé, this recent gesture of support from Erykah Badu underscores the notion that, in the world of music, there is room for both competition and camaraderie. It highlights the mutual respect and admiration that artists can share, regardless of any past disagreements or controversies.

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