30th Anniversary

Today in Hip-Hop History: Wu-Tang Clan Dropped “C.R.E.A.M.” Single 30 Years Ago!

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On this date in 1994, the legendary Staten Island, NY collective known as the Wu-Tang Clan released one of the crew’s most memorable songs to date; “C.R.E.A.M.(Cash Rules Everything Around Me)” from their debut album Enter The 36 Chambers. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Recorded in Firehouse studios in NYC, Wu-Tang Clan leader/advisor The RZA […]

Today in Hip Hop History: A Tribe Called Quest’s Third LP ‘Midnight Marauders’ Turns 30 Years Old!

midnight marauders

On this day in Hip Hop history A Tribe Called Quest Released their third studio album Midnight Marauders. As the group’s most popular work, this album marked the height of Hip Hop’s Afrocentric/hippie movement. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Aside from content, this album’s cover is it’s most distinctive quality. It features a full frontal portrait of […]

Today in Hip-Hop History: Souls Of Mischief’s Debut Album ’93 ‘Til Infinity’ Turns 30 Years Old!

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On this day in Hip Hop history in 1993, Oakland trio Souls of Mischief released their underrated debut album 93 Til Infinity. Hailing from Oakland’s Hieroglyphics camp, which Del Tha Funky Homosapien leads, these conscious adolescents put together an LP that, despite their “inexperience”,  held its own against the work of East Coast artists thriving in New York’s backpacker, boom-bap scene. […]

De La Soul Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of ‘Buhloone Mindstate’ With Digital Deluxe Release and Exclusive Merch

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Today, legendary hip-hop pioneers De La Soul mark a significant milestone, commemorating the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking album Buhloone Mindstate with a Digital Deluxe edition.  Originally released on September 21, 1993, this seminal work has left an indelible mark on the music industry and continues to inspire artists and fans worldwide. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Available […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Onyx’s Debut Album ‘Bacdafucup’ Turns 30 Years Old!

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On March 30, 1993, cousins Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz and their partners Sonny Seeza and Big DS put out their debut album, Bacdafucup, on the newly created Rush Associated Labels. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Primarily produced by the group’s founder Jam Master Jay, other production credits include The Afros’ Kool Tee, Chryskillz, and […]

Today In Hip-Hop History: Tupac Shakur’s ‘Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z…’ LP Turns 30 Years Old!

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On this date in 1993, Tupac Shakur released his second full-length studio album, Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z… on Jive Records and T.N.T. Recordings. With the ‘N-word always having a negative connotation, ‘Pac flipped it to an acronym, meaning  Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished, with the “Z” in the title making it plural. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information This […]