99 Problems

Cops Called on Black Man for Singing JAY-Z’s ’99 Problems’

CopsCalledonBlackManforSingingJAY Z's'Problems'

Davon Eddington was on the phone with his brother enjoying a beer in his own backyard. The pair was talking about the Lakers and LeBron James when Eddington casually quoted the infamous JAY-Z lyric, “I got 99 problems but a b—h ain’t one.” A neighbor overhead his comment and came to the conclusion that he […]

Today in Hip-Hop History: Jay-Z Dropped ‘The Black Album’ 15 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip-Hop history, Brooklyn’s own Jay-Z released he would-be retirement album The Black Album. Although there was virtually no pause between The Black Album and new Jay-Z music (collaboration albums with both R. Kelly and Linkin Park were released the following year), this album is easily the greatest retirement project of all time. In its entirety, […]