affirmative action

President Trump Reverses Obama Policy Encouraging Racial Diversity in Colleges

Donald Trump Says Payments to Stormy Daniels Wasn't Against Campaign Laws

President Trump has long been viewed as insensitive and ignorant in regard to race and a new policy looks to only enforce that belief. Last week, the Trump administration reversed an Obama-Era policy that encouraged colleges and universities to consider race as a factor in their acceptance decision. Visit for more information This policy […]

House Of Representatives Pass Bill To Remove “Negro” Label From Federal Regulations, Trump Opposes Bill


A voice vote in the U.S. House of Representative on Tuesday approved a bill to remove antiquated racial labels in two federal regulations, according to media reports. Visit for more information “Words definitely matter. They can cause great harm and division, particularly when they are embedded in federal statute,” New York Democratic Rep. Hakeem […]

Supreme Court Justice Claims Elite Colleges Are Too Tough For Black Students


Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia is the next political figure under fire, after making a statement Wednesday during a hearing of an affirmative action case, suggesting that Blacks belong in colleges with lower standards. Visit for more information An attorney from the University of Texas was under questioning from Scalia because the school was […]