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CBS Broadcaster Jay Feely’s ‘Bad Boys’ Joke Goes Viral & Terribly Wrong

Jay Feely

Not all jokes are funny. Visit for more information Former NFL kicker and CBS broadcaster Jay Feely created a stir on social media by posting a photo of himself with his daughter, her prom date and one very specific weapon. Feely posted the picture on Twitter Saturday, and was immediately criticized after the recent […]

These are The Titles Coming To Netflix For July 2016


Summer is here! Netflix is adding a ton of new titles to for those “on you couch, in front of the A/C” kind of days. Of the titles coming includes the Netflix Original Bojack Horseman, as well as all four Lethal Weapon films, The Big Short, Bad Boys II, Batman: The Movie, Gladiator and the Back To The Future trilogy. In […]