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Dave Chappelle Thinks Kanye West’s White House Meeting Was a Manic Episode

Kanye West Thanked His 'True Friend' Dave Chapelle For Visiting Him in Wyoming Following Twitter Meltdown

Dave Chappelle and Kanye West have been friends for quite a while, in spite of their varying political views.  During a show in Dublin, a fan asked the comedian to weigh in on Ye’s most recent meeting with Donald Trump, and Chappelle blames it on his mental illness. “Honestly, all jokes aside, I felt like […]

Kanye West Opens Up About Being Bipolar, Mental Health In The U.S.

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People joke about Kanye West’s mental health, but he’s not ashamed to let the world know that he struggles with bipolar disorder and he’s not alone. In an interview published on YouTube on Saturday, West sat down with radio host Big Boy in Wyoming to talk about the new album, the origin of ye, editing […]

Mariah Carey Reveals Her 17-Year Battle With Bipolar Disorder


Mariah Carey has revealed her secret 17-year battle with bipolar disorder after becoming terrified she would be “exposed” by someone else. The iconic singer has been battling with the mental health condition since being diagnosed in 2001 following a mental and physical breakdown, and said the last couple of years have been her hardest yet. […]