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Juicy J: Drugs Were Behind The Three 6 Mafia Split

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Just when you thought drugs somehow can contribute to creativity, Juicy J says that for Three 6 Mafia, just the opposite happened. Visit for more information On an interview with Nas and Miss Info on Spotify’s The Bridge: 50 Years of Hip Hop podcast, Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J says that drugs caused […]

U.S. Border Patrol Seize $1.3B in Meth, Cocaine, Heroin Hidden in Speakers Headed for Australia


According to CNN, US Customs and Border Patrol have executed a record-breaking drug bust, uncovering over $1.3 billion in illegal drugs, including methamphetamines, cocaine, and heroin, which was all headed for down under. Visit for more information Two Americans and four Aussies were taken into custody as the authorities seized the drugs at California’s […]

Mexico’s Marines Finds 10,000 Lbs. Of Crystal Meth In Mountain Lab

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Mexican marines on Friday said they had discovered an underground drug lab in the mountains outside the capital of Sinaloa state where they destroyed 50 tons of methamphetamine. Visit for more information Marines found the lab after intelligence reports indicated that tons of drugs were being produced in the area of Alcoyonqui municipality, about […]

Donald Trump Considers Giving The Death Penalty To Big Drug Dealers

Former Twitter Staff Member Who Deactivated Donald Trump's Account is Revealed

President Donald Trump has for months been speaking about his desire to have every drug dealer in the country executed, according to a new report. Visit for more information The inspiration for the president’s idea is allegedly the laws in countries like Singapore, where the death penalty is mandatory for drug trafficking offences, and […]

Master P: “Syrup” Is Hurting The Rap Game


In an exclusive interview with The Breakfast Club yesterday, New Orleans rap pioner and business mogul Master P made some very strong statements about the new dope in the Hip Hop industry; promethazine or “syrup”. With it’s heightened use among today’s artists, which comes a generation after several artists have lost their lives due to […]