‘Titanic’ Director Reveals Why Rose Never Made Room for Jack on the Door

'Titanic' Director Reveals Why Rose Never Made Room for Jack on the Door

Titanic fans have been arguing for about two decades about whether or not there was enough room for both Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on the door in the infamous scene where Jack died. Visit for more information Helmsman James Cameron had an interview with Vanity Fair and revealed that nothing would’ve […]

Kick’d Out: Rose Season With Reebok


Millennial pink has taken over and it’s not just for the ladies. Real men wear pink so take a cue from Reebok and add a new color to your wardrobe with these fresh kicks including brand classics such as the Classic Leather Pastels and the Club C 85 ELM.

Candymakers Sugarfina Now Offer Rosé-Flavored Gummy Bears

sugarfina, Rosé gummies

After a long, hard day at work, instead of popping open a bottle, why not pop open a box…of gummy bears? Visit for more information Candymakers Sugarfina recently released their latest Yes Way Rosé collection and it is definitely one not to share with children. Made with actual Rosé, the New York-based company had their […]

World Wide Woman: British Media Maven Jasmine Dotiwala Is One Of Hip Hop Culture’s Most Important Voices


Jasmine Dotiwala is a dynamic woman who defines herself as a “global fly girl with vision.” She’s one of today’s most loved international media mavens, with an extended background in TV, print/digital press and radio. Visit for more information Based in West London, Dotiwala has been involved in a variety of major news platforms […]