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OFF-WHITE™ Launches Its “City Garments” Capsule Collection

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Although OFF-WHITE™ is a brand that has a strong visibility here in the States, Virgil Abloh decided to show extra love to his flagship shops in South Korea by launching a new “City Garments” capsule collection. Visit for more information View this post on Instagram 5월 10일 전 세계 오프화이트 매장에서 각 도시 이름과 […]

U.S. Launch Air Drills Despite North Korea Warnings Of Nuclear War


The United States and South Korea went ahead with large-scale joint aerial drills on Monday, a move North Korea had said would push the Korean peninsula to “the brink of nuclear war”, ignoring calls from Russia and China to call them off. Visit for more information The drills come a week after North Korea […]

BREAKING: North Korea Fires Unidentified Ballistic Missile “Still In The Air”

North Korea has fired an intercontinental ballistic missile, according to South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff and American military officials. Visit for more information The missile flew eastward and the South Korean military was analysing details with the US, Yonhap news agency said. The Pentagon said it believed the projectile was an intercontinental ballistic […]

Watch North Korea Soldier Defect, Chased While Under Fire

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North Korean border guards were only steps behind a fellow North Korean soldier when they opened fire and one briefly crossed the border pursuing the wounded defector as he dashed to the South Korean side, a video released on Wednesday by the U.N. Command (UNC) in Seoul showed. Visit for more information The defector […]

Trump: U.S. Will Arm Japan To Shoot Down North Korean Missiles


U.S. President Donald Trump struck a hard line against North Korea’s nuclear weapons program Monday and urged Japan to do the same as he closed out two days of talks, dinner and golf diplomacy with ally Japan. Visit for more information The president refused to rule out eventual military action against the north and […]

U.S. Bombers Fly Near Korean Peninsula

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Two U.S. strategic bombers conducted drills over South Korea, the U.S. Air Force said, raising tensions with North Korea just days before President Donald Trump visits the region seeking to shut down Pyongyang’s nuclear program. Visit for more information While North Korea has not launched any missiles since Sept. 15, the longest such lull […]

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike Against US and South Korean Military


As South Korea and the United States prepare for their annual military exercises, North Korea is warning of “indiscriminate” nuclear strikes targeting the two countries. Visit for more information In a statement, Pyongyang said it ordered “preemptive nuclear strikes of justice,” threats that experts say is not uncommon for the country, but not realistic based […]