[Watch] UK artist TE dness releases catchy new video ‘Saucy’


TE dness presents ‘Saucy,’ the highly anticipated video for one of the most popular songs from  his recent project ‘Trap Nominated’. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information An eye catching colourful video, featuring pretty ladies and branded tops. The West London rapper who is known for his relatable lyrics,  raps “saucy saucy i’m a saucy n*gga, saucy […]

Five Injured, One American Killed in London Knife Attack


Mental health is the issue police are factoring into a deadly attack carried out by a 19-year old man in London’s Russell Square Wednesday evening [August 3]. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The unidentified man was believed to have acted spontaneously, according to police, when he knifed several individuals, injuring five, and killing one in […]

On The Rise: Nehmy Talks Diversity In The U.K.’s Rap Scene


The British rap scene has produced great international acts with major crossover appeal. Creating a lane all of their own, international rap acts are proving there is a thriving culture of music that speaks to the youth in a way that mirrors that of the U.S. There have been numerous debates on the U.K.’s “Grime” […]