Nate-Dogg-Hip-Hop-says-goodbye-twitter-88Even when you no longer exist on this planet, unpaid child support will still haunt you. 


West coast singer, Nate Dogg, is no longer with us but that doesn’t mean Shereda Williams (the mother of his son Naijiel Hale) from demanding about $340,000 in backed up child support.

According to, Shereda Williams, Nate Dogg’s baby mother, has recently filed a creditor’s claim against Dogg’s estate.

Williams made reports about Nate owing her $339,924 in unpaid child support, claiming he was set to pay her $4,358 a month but never gave her a single payment.

Shereda Williams is demanding his estate to make payments, including the ones that have been accumulated since his death in 2011.

One word of advice, always pay your dues, especially if it’s child support because even when you no longer on this earth, it’ll definitely catch up to you.

-Ilene Perez @pinky_McCoy